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For Hygiene and Industry

Miscellaneous CaCO3 compound

Various Calcium Carbonate compounds for Blow molding, Injection molding, Blown film and Casted film etc, are available based on customer requests.


  • No damage to incinerators and no toxic gases like dioxins, because of low combustion heat and easy combustion.
  • You can save precious oil resources with high Calcium Carbonate content.
  • Beautiful printing and no powder dusts on the molded products.
  • Various thermoplastic resins and fillers are available based on customer requests.
  • Desiccant compound is also available.


Compound for blow molding


  • Blow grade : Pesticide bottle, etc.
  • Injection grade : Concrete molding form, etc.
  • Film grade : Heat insulator package, Automobile wrap, etc.


Blow molded bottle



Molding machine Resin CaCO3content
B2001 Blow HDPE  
N400J Injection HDPE  
M600F Film (Blown) HDPE  

* We have CaO desiccant compound "MA-202". Please contact us.


Blow molded bottle

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